The Wrath of Kron

by Hug of War

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released 30 November 2013

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This was produced and mixed by Chris Hudson.
The cover photo was done by Daniel Funkhouser.
This is a Rubber Brother Records release.
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Track Name: It's a Thrill Being Mentally Ill!
Your brain being busted is a-okay! Being well adjusted is so passe! The path to serenity is straight downhill, and it's a thrill being mentally ill! Being bland's a fee for sanity! It'd make a boring man of me! So ignore the bills! Throw away the pills! It's a thrill being mentally ill!

I wake up and take a sip of some hip yerba mate, make quips to the mirror as I fear this clear day. I say, "They'll pay" in my head, but with dread I force a coarse smile, dreaming schemes of the vile. I put on my name tag and start greeting lame drags at the grocery store, never needing sorcery more to cast spell in this vast hell and turn yuppies into puppies and my bosses giving me guff into guppies. Here I have no choice but to hear the voice saying, "When you're in pain, they all rejoice. They're out to get you, everyone who's met you. They want to upset you, and steal your cassettes too." I'm telepathic and know the truth, and homeopathic so I keep my youth. My superpowers make them poop and cower, but I'll bide my time at ten bucks an hour.

I'm twenty-nine now, but will I live to see thirty? The way things are going, probably. But if I step outside I will surely die. A cloud in the sky will make me cry. I trade sleep for caffeine, neck deep in mad schemes of rad things like spring flings with scene queens. But really, if a date says, "Let's fornicate," I lie and deny that I'm even straight. When I take a lady to bed, I talk dirty to the people in my head. I'll let OCD take care of me. My lunacy will set me free. I'll go to school naked. If I hate a rule, I'll break it. The only mistake I could make is fake it. I'll freak out the squares, throw away my cares, and feel glee I'm the only me anywhere!

Having a rational perspective is passionless and subjective. Living a life striving to be wealthy's more mentally unhealthy. Fight the aliens in other dimensions striving to control your intentions! Be anything but meaninglessly mean! LIVE EVERY DAY LIKE HALLOWEEN!
Track Name: They Won't Get Me
People heed my message that needs to be said about not being mislead into dread until dead by coarse forces that exist who insist we be mean materialist masochists. I rap about increasing self-esteem, having a ton of fun and following your dreams. Now I top the list of pissed secret societies who want to end my play and do away with me for giving the masses classes about what they don't know, like the strife in life they can choose to forego. But I won't join their sinister lizard team, and I won't give into their alien scheme.

They won't get me! They won't get me! The Illuminati's always fought me, but they can't confine my mind! They won't get me! They won't get me! The Illuminati's always fought me, but I'm feeling real fine!

The people I meet treat me shabbily. It may be my bad personality. But while I may be lacking in social skills, their real goal is cracking me and breaking my will. I won't play ball or sink down to their level, so they'll sacrifice me to the devil. Baby Mama makes drama for the CIA, who employed her to destroy me and fill my head with dismay. It was a plan put in place to taint my clear sight by those from outer space, but they won't dim my bright light. I won't be part of their program, and I won't stop being who I am.

The Phoenix New Times and its vampire staff write about bands playing on Satan's behalf, who network with smirks at their underground meetings and threatened to kill me if I'm found for my retreating. I know their real mission is creative prohibition, but I won't let these so-called musicians ruin my compositions. I'll go the way of Lennon and Cobain, Tupac and Michael Jackson, those who got the axe in vain. I'd rather live a life bright with righteousness than allow myself to be repressed and oppressed. So follow me at your own discretion if you don't want your soul to be in their possession.
Track Name: I Love Health Food
I don't eat meat, all I need is a beefy beat. It's a treat being dairy free, almond milk should marry me. Kale never fails. Don't mock me for loving broccoli. Carrots have merit, if there's a disease they scare it. I feel gloom without mushrooms. I'll grow my muscles out with brussel sprouts. You'll be my top boy if you bring me bok choy. Spicy guacamole is pricy but holy. And apples are happenin, beneficial for crappenin. You'll win my heart and care with a bartlett pear, and I'm quite the fan of a ripe banana. I'm a man who's mean without a tangerine. Nothing makes me merry like cherries and strawberries.

A chemical diet will take its toll. We are our own gods, so let's take control. A nutrient rich diet, you're sure to find will better your body and mind.

I LOVE HEALTH FOOD! I say that it's wise to eat well and exercise. Our first step to real wealth is how we treat ourselves. I give you encouragement to live a life of nourishment, like me. I'm a swell dude!

I'm a star pick with garlic, and more than sparsely use parsley. I'm a healthy beast due to nutritional yeast. You bet I'll boot ya if you trash talk kombucha. I become a mean me without enough green tea, but I become a max me with omega 3s from flaxseed. Amino acids make my life keen and placid. I eat out of dumpsters. If you knock it, you're dumb sir! Too much goes to waste that I could instead taste. I no longer smoke or drink, I don't want to croak or stink. Here's my admission, I'm addicted to nutrition. To stay my cutest, I remain a health foodist. Nothing's good as fruit is. It's easy, you can do this!

We've got to stay strong if we're to live on. Life is all we got and it should be prolonged. An early grave you'll meet with too much meat and sweets. Being healthy's the real treat!

(Note: I started listening to Dead Prez after I wrote and recorded this song, and realized they have a practically identical (and I mean really, REALLY similar) song to this one called "Be Healthy." But the numerous similarities are coincidental!
Track Name: Don't Make Whoopie After We Break Up
It's the same old story as before. Your love becomes a chore, and you start needing more. The odd's of your affair not ending in weeping are pretty darn weak, statistically speaking. It's just inevitability, eventually you two would feel hostility. TV guaranteed you'd be happily married, but you'll be solitary when you are buried. Yet you strive to survive and thrive all by yourself. Be strong and right the wrongs with your mental health. Improve what you've worsened. Quit being perverse. Take your hurt and nurse it. Be a better person. But before she's gone for good, one thing needs to be understood. You say, "There's one thing you need to promise me, if you really want to see me happy...

"Once I'm gone to stay, put away your make up. Don't make whoopie after we break up. Stay alone every morning when you wake up. Don't make whoopie after we break up."

She's been true, through and through. This you've always known because every night, while uptight, you go through her phone. If anything will hurt your vanity and bring you insanity, it's her communicating with the rest of humanity. She's been patient with your sad games, like when you make love and you scream your dad's name. You'd rather she felt crappy and all alone than ever be happy with another bone. You know she'll never be your wife, you cause too much strife and you wreck her life. But you say, "I have problems, don't you see? I renounce any ounce of accountability! It's not my decision, I'm a musician! I'm supposed to always frown and have this downer disposition!" As fast as she can, she walks out, and you shout, "Let's talk it out!"

Perpetually rejected, your single life is hell. So you decide to pick up your cell. You reminisce, and you miss her kiss. She picks up her phone, and you say something like this: "Hi, how are you? Yeah, it's been a while. Sorry for not calling, it's just my style. Myspace says you're seeing someone new. And that reminds me boo, I guess I love you! This time its true. Will you be your spouse? No, that's not me driving past your house! I think about the good times with delight, like that one night we didn't drink or fight! Relive us, give us another chance! Attend to codependent romance!" She says, "I don't have time for this crap!" And you reply, "At least hear my rap!"

The moral of this rhymed expression is people are not prized possessions. And if you think love is all you need then put their glee above your greed and let go when it's time to leave. Don't put your dear through unneeded grief. To quote Kurt Vonnegut, hero to me: "Less love, more common decency!"
Track Name: Me vs God
When I was a kid I believed in you because my mother deceived me to. If I took your hand and did as I was told, I'd go to a land of candy and gold. I would pay if I chose to stray from the path, and feel the aftermath of your eternal wrath. Those who love those of the same gender could never rise above to Heaven's splendor. If we participate in masturbation, when we expire we await damnation. Eve failed, so every female deserves oppression--discretion over their bodies is out of the question. Why do you punish any mention of dissension? It's bizarre how starved you are for attention. I challenge you to a boxing match. I won't need to pray, I'll walk away without a scratch.

Have you heard the news? I won't be abused. I'm not hear to schmooze. It's him I'm going to bruise. ME VS GOD, HE'S GONNA LOSE!

I see no plan. You have none, I'm certain. You're a puny man behind a curtain, wanting us to be docile as the apostles while you play colossal pranks like planting fossils. Your power made me cower. I thought you were so strong, but I realize the strength was inside me all along. Come down from that cloud and get in the ring. When the bell goes "ding," you'll feel the hell of my swing! You bullied me but now I'm back on the attack. I won't take no flack. I'm exercising, eating healthy, taking vitamins. It ain't no sin, I'm gonna win! You're gonna get pinned! This one's for our prayers you ignored, this one's for the poor, this one's for every war! I'm gonna put you in your place like Bertrand Russell, because I got mad muscle and I'm ready to tussle!
Track Name: Dear Evey
I was twenty-one, having fun and living in Tempe. Imprudent and getting student debt, my wallet was empty. My diet was Jack D, nicotine and caffeine. I got fired from Green, the king of vegan cuisine. But I could give more time to my metal band, sell some petals and still live in grime as planned. I started dating a lady who I knew through my crew, and she was going to have my baby who turned out to be you. It was such a surprise. I was so unwise and I surmised I couldn't soothe your cries. I couldn't see what I should do with me, but I couldn't be a parental absentee, a half-assed deadbeat, forever incomplete, letting life pass me by, run by fear and conceit. I don't care much for human beings, they have the tendency to be rude and mean. But you surpass the classless assholes whose hate creates their own fate. You're something great. Sweet child, although I'm atheist, I thank God you exist.

Dear Evey, thank you for giving my life meaning. The joy you're bringing makes me want to keep singing. I learn something new from you every day, and I hope you feel the same way. Dear Evey, when I think I can't take anymore, it's you I adore and have to account for. Through all the pain I feel, you help me heal. My love for you is real.

I had to know you. You could help me grow too. We'd have each other in this life we'd go through. I went to court and got joint custody. These new responsibilities entrusted me, I took so seriously it made a delirious me. I fell in love with seeing you look curiously at the world unfurl and make sense of what you see. I'm almost thirty, and life still confuses me. I've made more mistakes than things I've done correctly. But I don't care if they reject me, because you accept me. I don't know how to better state this, but I know that you do and will achieve greatness. Until my life ends, I'll love you the most. You'll be my best friend, no one will even come close. Something divine's what you'll leave behind if you try to be kind.