Emancipate Your Ears! 5000 Years of Global Music Domination Exposed​!​!

by Hug of War

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Though this may seem like yet another harmless album for mindless consumption, it contains subliminal instructions on how to break down the mental barriers set up by those in power. With the help of these righteous anthems, you will reach your full potential and achieve all of your dreams. Listen and become enlightened.


released February 18, 2015

All lyrics and music are by Hug of War, except for the music for "My Best Friend From Outer Space," which was made by Mike Bell.
This was recorded by Jalipaz at Audioconfusion in Mesa, Arizona.
The artwork was done by Jason Polland.
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all rights reserved


Hug of War Phoenix, Arizona

Musician. Poet. Philosopher. Philanthropist. Hero.

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Track Name: I Need Music
As a kid I was very confused
Not abused or bruised, just had the blues
Couldn’t tell you why, I’d just want to die
Chemicals wouldn’t comply
I only basked at all from playing basketball
Other tasks appalled, I’d get no calls at all
But then one day brought glee to me
When I saw Nirvana on MTV
And begged my mom for a guitar
So I could play “Come As You Are”
I still make music for the joy
That it brings this boy so I don’t self-destroy.
My records and tapes help set me straight
Help calm the hate, get me feeling great
It’s there for me, will care for me
Makes me less scared and sets me free

I need music, I need to use it
To help me stay sane, abstain from pain
Lyrics are a graceful way to complain
I need music, so don't abuse it
It’s overused in bars and the mall
Lets thank our stars we have it at all

I found punk rock, the building blocks
Changed how I thought, saved me from jocks
I dyed my hair to give squares a scare
Stopped saying prayers and got a record player
I started rapping to try something new
To bid rock adieu, it felt really true
Syncopating my poetry to a beat
Not pretending to be from the street
Fuck rip off hip-hop parodies
I won’t battle MCs, I'll only be me
And doom and gloom, despite the rumor
Can be blended with a sense of humor
Life is dark and sunny, and you’d be delirious
To be only funny or serious
So like songs that gave me assistance
I hope to better your existence

I need music, I need to use it
To help me stay sane, abstain from pain
Lyrics are a graceful way to complain
I need music, so don't abuse it
It’s overused in bars and the mall
Lets thank our stars we have it at all

You are the best to me
Cleans the mess of reality
You replace the stress with glee

It's for this reason I must defend it
Damaged by treason, I must mend it
The powers that be want to destroy it
And cower with glee, pretend to enjoy it
This trivial tripe just numbs the mind
It's up to me to free the confined
What’s that I hear on my radio?
Mating songs made by dopes on blow
It’s counterfeit, a conspiracy
To create catastrophic complacency
By aliens who assail and win
They jail our kin with sinful hymns
Madonna wants to kill my daughter
But I won't let her go on with the slaughter
Music is my lord and savior
It's time for me to return the favor

Music, let's rescue it
From the scheming demons with no soul
Who use Pandora for mind control
Music, let's never lose it
We'll make our mark in the underground
No greed to be found, just righteous sound.
Track Name: Down With Parents
("A child is a person. Just because they happen to be a little shorter than you doesn't mean they are dumber than you. A lot of people forget how much value there is in raw intuition--and there's plenty of that in every child. They might not have verbal or manual skills yet, but that's no reason to treat them like inferior little lumps whose destiny it is to grow up to be inferior big lumps like you."--Frank Zappa)

Your kids are accessories, you see them as lesser things
To conform, fit your niche of the norm
They’re people and equals, not simply a sequel
To your mistakes, pseudo mates and futile fate
You never knew truth, just stay on your bluetooth
Coach couth, lamenting your lost youth
While they’re raised by a system so quick to dismiss them
Something’s a miss, let’s give a prescription
He’s got his mom’s mania and dad’s dimples
Status symbols, so your DNA doesn’t dwindle
You could’ve adopted, but that’s not what your mom did
Orphan overflow, but fuck those fraught kids
You never really listen, just perpetuate a prison
At the schism they’ll reject your faux wisdom

Your kids are accessories, always make a mess of things
Heirs to depleted esteem and destroyed dreams
Some parents are great, this ain’t showing them hate
This song’s for the many more that I abhor
Like those who would tamper with a rubber
Make it break so they can be a mother
Child support court calculates colossal costing
Then stop the pop from seeing the offspring
Or the deadbeat dads who dash for the door
When their progeny’s three or four
Gave their word but didn’t mean it, it was too inconvenient
Their sons scream, but they're nowhere to be seen
You don't give a shit about your kids and never did
You want back pats while your cubs take crack hits

You forgot the feeling of scheming and dreaming
The demise of your eyes gleaming
At the hands of the man who plants the scare scam
Sells us a shit sham that lasts our life span
That we’re not good enough, that we don’t deserve love
Without Paxil, all doped up you’re sad still
Now you have your offspring to treat as tossed things
Hit and scold to fit the mold
Between mommy and media, of course Pee-Wee’s a deviant
Could be brilliant, but you prefer obedient
Track Name: My Best Friend From Outer Space
It was a day like any day, going my own way
Playing the games I play to make life less lame
I was pessimistic, though that’s okay
I was a sadistic, simplistic cliche
Then what did I see pulling on my street
Than a new neighbor I had to meet and greet
A green glow grew from his U-Haul van
As he unloaded a lab not of this land
I spy on this to see the scientist
And to give you the gist, a man-martian betwixt!
He asked me with glee if I was from this planet
And I declared, “Dammit! I took that for granted!”
He said, “I can help you escape your headache.”
He was so prophetic with his rapturous rhetoric
He said, “You’ll be like me, fancy and free.
You’ll prance with pristine, the dull dirt we’ll clean.”
Thus began my learning to ignore earning
My world was turning around and returning
To a place that’s pure, an outer space detour
I’ll be embraced by the alien race I’m sure
I'd gain greatly from my uneducating
Of all I learned from the school’s sedating
But first he said, “You gotta rap like me.”
He free-styled for miles, the eminent MC

"I am a space alien, I rap about robots and cocks
Question everything, and don't forget to sing
It's not enough to think outside the box."

He made the feds fret, they knew he was a threat
They were dead set on silencing what he said
So he was captured by bureaucratic bastards
They claimed a spinal fracture to put him out to pasture
They did experiments for the government
Without his consent, they punished his dissent
Injuries severe, they took his name and smeared it
Tried to break his spirits, but he wouldn’t hear it
He’ll still ignite the minds, giving sight to blind
Looks to the sky for signs, always live out of line
He’s my hero, an astronomical ace
He’s my best friend from outer space.
Track Name: Treat Me Sweetly Until We Die
Dear you, allow me to introduce myself
My name is Bruce and I'm in poor health
I'm a Leo lefty and I've gotten hefty
Due to being bereft since my wife left me
I adored my mate, grew to abhor our fate
As more and more she had to work late
Our love expired, I ceased being desired
The passion required was rationed and grew tired
I found photos of her unfaithful coarse capers
A year before she served me with divorce papers
Our teenage son thinks I'm a dull jerk
Smokes rock with his flock while I'm at work
My dog's named Dan, he hates his old man
Destroying me that's bastard's master plan
I've worked at a drug store for ten years or more
Smile at the verbal bile of dipshits that I deplore

Love makes it alright
Love, it's out of sight
Love, I wish you'd spend the night
And hold me closely while I cry
Love, makes it alright
Love, it's out of sight
Love, we'd never fight
You'd treat me sweetly until we die

But let me regress, late at night I confess
After a day led astray by trite distress
I delight in adult films on my computer
The next best thing to being a suitor
That's where I first saw you, beautiful goddess
Such a performance I had to applaud this
To be concise, you seem really nice
As a partner for you I think I'd suffice
We'd go out to eat and talk about our days
You'd laugh at my jokes, games of chess we'd play
If there's anyone to whom I'd give my life
It'd be someone like you who looks just like my ex-wife
It isn't meant to be, this I clearly know
Every day's too dreary and I've got to go
I've been too consumed by doom and gloom
But my dear boo, I'll see you real soon

Love makes it alright
Love, it's out of sight
Love, I wish you'd spend the night
And hold me closely while I cry
Love, makes it alright
Love, it's out of sight
Love, we'd never fight
You'd treat me sweetly until we die.